Coffee Shop


It would  have been very easy to choose any old coffee that came our way.   But that's not how we do things. So we set about tasting and travelling far and wide. Some of the best coffee we drank was in Hamburg, but a little closer to home we fell willingly into the hands of an   Edinburgh roaster called Artisan Roast.   

They served us the most delicious and smoothest of cappuccinos and within a matter of weeks their head barista had visited us at the Dairy, trained us in the fine art of making coffee and before we knew it our customers were raving about it. Meanwhile our teas are served from vintage tea pots and bone china cups.


All our baking is done in an open kitchen so you can watch our scones come straight out of the AGA.  Fruit scones are served with our own jams and clotted cream; cheese scones are so popular that we can't make enough.  And our cakes, macaroons, meringues and really fruity fruit cake complement the rest of the baking. Light lunches are also a speciality, particularly at weekends.  Crepes with bacon and maple syrup, quiches, macaroni cheese, rarebit, or perhaps a beef sandwich. Sausage rolls, with our own pastry and secret sausage meat, are much appreciated too.  



Viennese Whirls
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